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Intercultural Training Intercultural Communication, basics
Introduction to Intercultural Communication, examples, simulation, exercises
1 day
Intercultural Training Intercultural Competencies for Human Resources
Human resource management in an intercultural context
1 day
Relocation Preparation Survival South Africa
Culture and cross-cultural communication, backgrounds and basic information, work life, integration, everyday life
1 day
Relocation Preparation Make your T.R.A.C.S. in South Africa
Development of intercultural competences for working in South Africa – based on Insight South Africa
2-3 days
Orientation Germany Survival Germany
Culture and cross-cultural communication, backgrounds and basic information, work life, integration, everyday life
1 day
Orientation Germany Insight Germany
Culture and cross-cultural communication, value comparison, backgrounds, basic information, work life situation, handling "culture shock", everyday life
2 days
Mixed Teams Team Leadership: Leading Multifaceted Teams and Projects
Successful leadership of international and otherwise mixed teams and projects
1-2 day/e
Consulting: Relocation Assessment & Selection for International Assignments
Development of a selection process for potential assignees as part of leadership development
in progress
Consulting: Relocation Back on Board: Re-Integration and Development for Human Resources
A structured process or re-integration should start no later than 3 months after the return of "expats". Development of successful strategies for the re-integration process
in progress
Webinar Intercultural Cooperation Intercultural Cooperation
Introduction to intercultural communication, examples, exercises, exchange of experiences
60 min

Better Thinking? How?
Without Your Autopilot!

If 'inclusive diversity' really is as financially promising as various studies assert, the question is how to get there.
The answer is: without your autopilot. With 'better thinking.'

The challenges are not small. They require the CEO as the driver, with the board's backing. "Executives can no longer abdicate diversity strategies to the CHRO or chief diversity officer" (Deloitte) – the entire leadership needs to support and live such inclusive practices on all levels. Any section can be challenged because it as a matter of a new kind of decision-making.

'Inclusive talent management' is one extremely important area but it is not the only one.

Even this area addresses practices of recruiting, hiring, developing, promoting, payment, and leading; a wide array of responsibilities – and all leaders and influencers.

At the same time this will put a spotlight on how performance is seen in an organization, or which are considered the leadership skills and qualities in this new digital and mobile age.

'Better thinking,' better decision-making, less of letting yourself be lead by intuitive tendencies and unconscious biases, sharpening your perception for 'different' kinds of talent, stretching the walls of the box, bulding bridges from an inclusive vision to a sustainably diverse, efficient organization – that way of dealing with the ongoing changes in our societies and with talent is the objective of our interventions. This speaks to those levels of leadership in your organization that are to understand, learn, live and support such a new way of thinking.

Can something like that be achieved through training? Yes – if a workshop or training is not seen as a compulsory exercise but as a starter's flag.

Let us show you where your autopilot would take you – and how far you can get if you switch it of and start with 'better thinking.'

Cornelius Görres


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